The Cause of Bunions

What causes bunions?

Bunions are an angular deformity occurring at the big toe joint. They are the result of faulty
mechanics and joint motion. They are not caused by shoes. We are born with bunion-prone feet or bunion-proof feet. Bunion-proof feet don’t have to worry. Bunion-prone feet can develop bunions over time, and how much the deformity becomes larger can be dependent on the amount of weight-bearing activity you might enjoy.

Despite this fact, it is impossible to predict just how quickly the deformity will progress, if at all. There is no scientic tool to predict how much larger your bunion might be a year from now. It is entirely possible to have a bunion on only one foot. Bunions can sometimes be painful and sometimes not. Bunions that are not painful do not require medical attention but fitting into certain types of shoes can sometimes be a problem.

Bunions that are painful can sometimes be alleviated by custom foot orthotics, however, surgical correction is often required. If you have any questions about bunions or other foot issues, your podiatrist is your best resource. No referral is required to see a podiatrist in BC.

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