Meeting a medical standard of foot care

A medical standard of care is defined as the level at which an ordinary, prudent professional with the same training and experience in good standing in a same or similar community would practice under the same or similar circumstances.

With only between 80 and 90 podiatrists practicing in British Columbia at any time, the majority of foot care is delivered by medical professionals that are not as exclusively trained as podiatrists. Because of this, the patients visiting our office for the first time often come in having seen different medical professionals with varying levels of education and competencies. Despite the best efforts of these professionals, some patients on occasion have some erroneous and misguided ideas about what is going on with their feet. While this misinformation can be frustrating for patients, it does not usually cause any negative consequence. Regrettably, charlatans with no medical training looking to make a buck will target the foot. They will set themselves up at different exhibitions and trade shows that travel through different regions of Canada promising to improve your foot health by selling you what they claim to be custom foot orthotics. Do not be fooled by these individuals. Their orthotics are always mass-made products of usually very poor quality that are not custom to anything and will only make you lighter in the pocketbook. Hopefully you have received only evidence based information about your own feet but if not, our office door is open to help you get the information you need.