I can help you eliminate or reduce the pain of everyday activities

Many patients that visit our office present with histories of sudden pain that strike their feet suddenly and without warning.

For many patients, interruption of physical recreation and daily activities by painful feet is at first surprising, and then quickly becomes frustrating. Decreased physical activity from painful feet can lead to unhealthier lifestyles, weight gain, and a lower sense of well-being. One of the main goals I take pride in is getting patients back to the sports and activity that were so much a part of their lifestyle.

It is not uncommon for pain affecting different parts of your feet to be sharp or dull, temporary or constant, and worse at different times of the day. These inconsistencies can also be exacerbated by different attempts to combat the pain including over the counter foot inserts or pads, shoe wear changes, and altering your activity. It is critical to receive the correct diagnosis that is causing your pain so that the swiftest course of action can be taken to improve and resolve your symptoms to get you back to your usual active lifestyle that the Okanagan valley offers.


Common foot problems



You probably don't think much about your toes, but they play an important role in how you walk. When muscle imbalances occur, your toes can change shape and this in turn can change the pressure felt beneath your toes or inside your shoes. While this increase in pressure can be painful, different options to alleviate it are available.



Your heel experiences a high amount of force when we walk and run and can be susceptible to injury. Tendons, ligaments, nerves, and the plantar fascia all reside within your heel. Sharp, stabbing pain in the heel and around the back of your ankle may be a result of some conditions listed below:



Problems arising in the ball of your foot could first be experienced as a burning, tingling, aching, or throbbing pain. When undue stress is placed on the metatarsal bones or the nerves running between them and treatment is not implemented quickly, progressive pain and even deformity may occur.