Perform at your best

Are you reaching your performance goals?

Whether your pursuit is an individual sport such as tennis or running or you are playing a team sport such as soccer or football, you may not be maximizing your full potential because of limitations of your foot mechanics. Getting the best out of your feet and lower extremity is dependent on wearing the right socks and shoes but much more so on optimizing your unique biomechanics.

Limitations of range of motion such as the great toe joint can lead to joint jamming and puts you at risk for a joint fraught with arthritis. Abnormal motion of your heel can subtract from power required during those moments that require you to be at your best. Less than optimal firing of muscles and tendons could be holding you back from your peak performance.

It is critical to have a podiatrist diagnose and assess your feet to optimize your chances for success.


How I can help you improve your performance



Functional foot orthoses used during athletic activity can enhance your performance and allow your feet to recover more quickly afterwards. The equal distribution of pressure through your lower extremity allows muscles and tendons to fire more efficiently and can elevate your timing and execution. We have assisted athletes from many different sports including soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, football, and hockey. There exists a false perception that orthotics can weaken an athletes' muscles when studies show that the exact opposite is the case.



A common complaint in young athletes is heel pain. Heel pain before the age of 13 is often caused by abnormal twisting in the growth plate of the heel bone. This twisting stops once the growth plate fuses after the age of 13. Until then, biomechanical correction of the twisting is necessary to reduce and eliminate symptoms. Proper shoe wear can assist with this but controlling heel motion with an orthotic material that resists deformation can resolve the problem.